Ezio Auditore da Firenze (Seusenhofer Armor ) - Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood

In Progress

Best Video Game Cosplay




The armor is made with craft foam and painted with metallic silver spray with shine. It took me 2 weeks.
The insignia is made with modeling paste (air dry) and attached with cardboard and the satin.
I used vinyl, craft foam, plaster, "rabo de raton" and the same spray of the armor to make the braces.
The knife, the hidden blades and the throwing knives are made of cardboard, craft foam and felt.
The clothes are made of popi and satin. I used many laces for the cape, tunic and the bottom part.
The boot covers are made with felt and vinyl.
The pouches are made with vinyl and the brooches are made with modeling paste.
The piece of eden is made of foam and craft foam.
The wig is styled by Mariela and me.
I still working with the crossbow, the parachute and the smokes bombs. Still need to fix the tunic and to add the paulderon of the set.


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