Gadot Visor Commision - Pheonix Wright: Ace Attorney



So this was my first Commision on here for blackharu he asked me to make a gadot visor from the series Phoenix wright now I made an error in this Commision and it will never happen again as I got the postage wrong as the post office near us was on strike so he was not able to receive the item in time... I was entirely at fault and I have now learnt it is easier to give items in person so if anyone wants a Commision we will have to arrange collection if we can.

No I'm bloody happy with this visor seriously I think I did a good job and would be happy to make another one if someone asks tho I no its got some minor flaws but hey ho do hope ya like

Manticore Arts posted on 6 March, 2012 - 17:23
looking amazing jimbo!!

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