Yuna (Summoner) - Final Fantasy X




I have always loved the design of Yuna's summoner's robes and the decision to make them was kind of on a whim, I began making them before I even knew there was a con coming up! That gave me a deadline to reach and deadlines make me panic.

I started on the skirt, measured it out, I knew because of the pleats I would need twice as much fabric. I tacked the top, front and back and pinned where the pleats would fall before drawing on the skirt design in fabric pencil and mixing fabric paint to create the pale pink colour of the flowers and vines. Painting the skirt took roughly 4 hours considering how many layers it needed. After it dryed, I pinned the pleats all the way down, making one box pleat in the middle front and middle back, when satisfied I tacked them all down. Once this was done, I marked the slit up the side of the skirt and put in the elastic waistband, then hemmed and overlocked everything.

Full skirt-20 hours (Tacking down 36 pleats takes a while.)

The obi came next, I made the obi in two parts, the waist sash and the bow. I measured my waist and cut out the appropriate ammount of fabric, leaving an inch for seam allowance, this I drew on the design first in fabric pencil before painting it, this was a very long task and took roughly 6 hours of layering the paints. After leaving it to dry I lined it in pink lining and letting it show in the same style as Yuna's, I lined the entire inside and interfaced with vilene to stiffed it slightly and give it a slightly thicker texture. I also inserted a bustier zip and hook and eye for fastening in the back.
The bow part I made a practise pattern for to get the right shape before starting, once again leaving an inch for seam allowance and a three inch piece leading into the middle to join both sides of the bow and give space for the middle part which covered the fastenings, I painted the bow and let those dry before putting two layers of foam into them to keep them standing in the same style as Yuna's,one side was sewn onto the obi and the other side left free so I could open and close the obi, to keep the other side of the bow standing I placed a clear popper on the other side to keep the other side in place.

Full Obi-12 hours.

The sleeves were a very simple design and were simply a cut, sew and overlock job before gradient dying the bottom part pink, I placed loops on the top part of the sleeve for the purpose of inserting the purple cord which held them in place.

Sleeves-3 hours.

The shirt was once again made with a practise pattern to get the right shape before. This was simply a case of pinning it in the right places before sewing and overlocking the seams. Possibly the easiest part of the costume.

Shirt- 1 hour.

Overall: This costume was incredibly comfortable to wear at the expo and easy to move around in, it was slightly cold to have my arms and back bare but we spent most of the day indoors so that didn't matter too much. I am extremely proud of the results.


Sasashie posted on 21 November, 2008 - 19:00
i loved this costume it looked wonderfull on you i liked it so much i have decided that i will go as yuna one of these years soon mabe in 2010 one day yuna the other day Aerith xx

Kaythenia posted on 22 November, 2008 - 18:25
Awww thanks ^^ I'm sure you'll make a gorgeous Yuna, maybe we ought to do a swap and I'll go as Aerith with a lethal staff xD

Rich29 posted on 23 November, 2008 - 21:36
Lol yeah that deadly staff was very leathal i got hit a few times :P. this Yuna costume was good went well with me as Tidus :).

sherbetsprite posted on 12 May, 2009 - 12:40
Awesomeness!! I sooo wanna do Yuna someday! ^_^

Moonlight_Requiem posted on 19 July, 2013 - 16:46
Beautiful Yuna! ^__^ I love the indepth description of how you made it, it looked like the hard work payed off. Youve got some great movement in your photos really sets off the character and the beautiful painted sleeves <3