Nana Osaki (Westwood tee) - NANA




Red suspender belt (already had)
Red fish net stockings (Got)
Black boots (will where my old mad fish boots)
Vivienne Westwood Milky way T Shirt Navy (Got)
Studded belt (already had/Got a new one)
Studded choker (Got)
Studded bracelet x3 (got)
Black wig (got)
False nails and eyelashes (got eyelashes but no nails atm)
Red lipstick (got)
Fake tattoo (Might not get)
Black Stone cigarettes (Can't get lol prob get a cigar or a pack of cigs)
Vivienne Westwood orb necklace (waiting for)
Vivienne Westwood ring armor (got cosplay version)


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