Leona (1998 version) - King of Fighters


AmeCon 2007


I didn't make this costume myself, as I was severely running out of time before Amecon and I saw someone selling theirs on Livejournal. I had to adapt it slightly - I needed to take the shorts out and patch over the parts that showed. I also did my own socks, boots and wig, not that that's much!
I enjoyed wearing this costume. It was supremely comfortable, especially compared to the insane heels I wore for the rest of the con. The KoF group we had was fantastic fun!
I find that this wig makes me look very different somehow, though I can't put my finger on exactly why. I'm hoping to get a new one in a better colour and with a bigger ponytail though, and perhaps remaking the boots.

1000014 posted on 1 August, 2008 - 16:48
lol! Im in the background xDDD. nice pose :D

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