Chrome Dokuro - Katekyo Hitman REBORN!




This will be another commission made in my size, Not to much to it really,it consists of a Kokuyo school uniform .

With her trademark eye patch and Trident weapon .Chrome is a shy and but fights with gusto often putting her fragile life on the line.

Hit by a car early on in life she lost her right eye,and several organs, the lack of her parents care in not offering any of their own organs left her disillusioned. She survives with the use of illusionary organs with the help of one Mukuro Rokudo.

Plan to wear this at the May MCM Expo on one of the two days i go,probably Saturday.

Costume is complete ,though still working on the Trident.
Actually wore this on the Sunday of the Expo


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To-Do List

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Progress Journal

18th April 2012

Boots,Costume and wig all done.

Well my boots arrived fit very well apart from the calf top being a bit over large,but i think there slightly big on the characters,Costume was good with Jacket being a good fit,Skirt was OK ,but was way to long (just did not look like how Chrome would be) so had it shortened a massive 8cm .
Wig arrived and was perfect ,even got a eye patch with it to.

14th March 2012

Boots being made ,and Found a weapon

Yes my boots are being made as i type, having a extremely narrow calf,the supplier is tailoring them for me, Plus may have found another weapon i can alter with a touch of paint and such like, watch this space.

13th March 2012

On the way

This great little number is being made ,so now i just have to sort out a wig, Lucky enough i have found one with a eye-patch as well, then the boots, seen two pairs which will suffice ,just deciding. The of course a Trident weapon ,which i will construct out of some light non injury causing material then paint accordingly.

1st March 2012


Looking forward to this one ,the hardest thing will be making a Trident. And showing off my mid-drift of course.