Princess of the Crystal - Mawaru Penguindrum





Complete for Expo but there will be alterations for Ame. Pics probably going to go up after Expo.

Easily my most complex project to date.

The wig was the first thing I bought for this cosplay. It's a Lucaille Himari wig which is a lovely colour though I am not too sure if it suits me. It's lovely and soft....but it's tangled to high heck. I'm going to have to spend a lot of time with the wig detangler to get that salvagable but then again now I know from experience.

The skirt is edited from a vintage wedding dress pattern to my liking and is made from cotton twill with a cotton lining. My favourite bit by far were adding the ruffles. Those were made out of polycotton with a layer of crystal organza. The two layers of ruffles at the back of the dress were done at a 4:1 ratio and the side ruffles were done at a ration of 3:1. Let's say it took a LOT of pins to set that right. Though they were freaking amazing to do. Makes me want to find something ruffley for a project.
The bodice is made from the same material as the skirt, but I used lace for trims, satin bias. I think my boning failed on me so that will have to be redone for Ame. And trying to bias very sharp turns is a pain in the arse. I think I somewhat got it though. The details were metal buttons and velvet ribbon sewn on. I did originally have tape to help secure it but the heat just kinda made it not work instantly.
The scarf was made of crepe di chine (frays like a bitch) and the bow part of that was made of some thick wooly felty fabric which I found an offcut of for about £1.20. The scarf is lightly stuffed.
The hat is probably the part that needs improving the most. It's made of cotton twill and cotton rill but it's a bit floppy when the actual hat actually isn't. I love the little eye jewels I made of craft foam and oven bake clay though. To be honest I kind of rushed the hat because I was trying to get her done in time. The hat jewels are beads and a mix of material like I did the ruffles but I need to cut the organza bigger next when I improve it because it frayed like hell. For Ame I think I will be probably wrapping it around a helmet base.
Black gloves wwere made of cotton lycra but they were tight and I mean tight. Need to make a bigger pair. Ruff bits were made out of loops of cotton drill sewn together and trimmed with a lace trim.
The boots were something I bought off of Ebay. Only tried them on once before Expo. Ten hours in stilettos in stupidly blazing heat is something I do NOT recommend. OWW MY POOR FEET. The things people do for cosplay but damn did they make my legs look good. I can see why people say a woman needs a pair of heels in her life.

Masquerading in this wasn't that nerve wracking actually apart from having to drag around a camping chair backstage. It was a good experience, not nervous and it felt good to be up on stage...even if I walked off like a penguin. Oh well at least I didn't cock up this time. Well I did but I didn't notice.


Originally I was going to do this for the Amecon ball but the wig I wanted returned back into stock and I thought this would be fun to do for Expo even if it would be a pain getting past the crowds. Plus I kind of want to enter this in the Expo Masquerade.

This is probably the longest wig I've ever worked with but the Princess of the Crystal is pure unadulterated awesome. And I get to be fabulous max. What's not to like?


NorthamptonGuy posted on 1 June, 2012 - 02:45
The costume did look fantastic on the day. I know you've heard say so many times now. But I wanted to comment the fact on this site. Thankyou for putting up with the discomfort even if it was not for my benefit.

Anonymous posted on 1 June, 2012 - 14:50
You made a fantastically beautiful Princess of the Crystal dear, I'm honestly not just saying that. The costume was so well made and looked gorgeous, you should be very proud of it. Can't wait to see it again at Ame!

Drutt posted on 1 June, 2012 - 22:00
I think one of my toes is still numb from wearing those boots ^^;. And thanks-I'm looking forward to fixing her up and rewearing her at Ame.

Progress Journal

31st May 2012

Ame Improvements

Expo has been and gone and well yeah. i think I did an okay job though there are some improvements that need to be done between now and Ame.

-Redo the hat. Looking at how the hat is in the anime (and i did purchase the Perfect Guide Book at Expo) I may cover a helmet as a base. I also need to redo some of the jewels since some of them fell off. I'm still keeping the eyes-I'm pleased with those.
-Tame the wig. Oh gosh it needs taming. I have wig detangler and a comb and I am not afraid to use it.
-Re-bone the bodice. I had rushed this before Expo and it was starting to get loose. Maybe something a bit stronger?
-Bustle pad for skirt for added accuracy
-Heels and long socks instead of boots. I'm not killing my feet again at Ame as badly as at Expo.
-New arm gloves because they were a pain to put on.
-If time I may make some penguins. Oh yes. And I need some sort of body glitter.