Ninetails (Lolita/coat) - Pokemon





Ninetails is my favourite pokemon of all time! The beatuy, the elegance and the fierceness!

I want to do a nintails quadsuit at some point, possibly but I'm not sure Ninetails would look good as a quadsuit so I'll have to see.

Sooooo instead I'm bringing out my costume/clothing design skills! I really love the lolita style, and since I love Ninetails, why not bring the two together! =D

Plus I need a new winter coat for next winter XD I still need to do some sketches to see if I can put on paper what is in my head. If I can't manage it then I probably won't end up doing this costume.

As many of you know I tend to put up 'planned' costumes then take them down again quite alot, so don't be surprised if this one dissapears. I have a whole folder of pictures and costumes on my laptop of things I want to do, and only about 10% make it on here, and 5% acctually get made XD I treat the cosplayisland 'planned' section as my short list =P.


Yasmia posted on 29 February, 2012 - 23:21
Im looking forward to seeing this! It sounds really interesting :)

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