Ellis - Left 4 Dead 2






Worn at:
Kitacon 2012, Tokonatsu 2012, Tokonatsu 2016

My first venture into crossplay!

Im a massive fan of L4D2, and Ellis is hands-down my favourite character. If I was in a zombie apocalypse, I'd totally stick with him. Mostly for the lulz.

Memo to self: become more androgynous!


Solaria posted on 28 February, 2012 - 08:58
AMHG <333 Cannot wait for this secretly i wana crossplay Nick xD

Natsumi posted on 12 March, 2012 - 18:55
Awesome! Ellis is by far the best character in L4D2! XD will be cool to see!

Progress Journal

31st March 2012

TShirt and Boilersuit Arrived!

The tshirt (from Glitch Gaming Apparel) is good, though I may add dark blue to the collar and sleeves cos the one I bought is missing those details. It has a medkit on the back!

The boilersuit is good though I need to figure out how to tie it round my waist so it looks good.

Also been testing makeup to make my face both manly and beaten-up. Looks good! Or, well, bad, but in a good way! XD

23rd March 2012

Ordered TShirt and BoilerSuit

Pretty much sums it up! Hope they arrive in time for Kita ><

6th March 2012

Ordered a Hat

So I figure, to get any degree of decent accuracy on Elis' hat is gonna take a lot of effort and/or luck. Im not good with hats. I just wear them, I dont MAKE them. So I cheated (cheat? me? never!) and ordered his hat from the Valve Store, to ensure accuracy and good-asthetics. This means the hat will officially be the best part of the whole costume. Awesome.