Sniper (RED) - Team Fortress 2




My first ever cosplay! It was reasonably simple to make since I already had most of the stuff!

I bought the hat from a fancy dress shop for a couple of pounds and bought the bullets from an Army Surplus store, also for a couple of pounds. I bought the "bum bag" from a random shop in London for about £15, definitely payed too much for it! Finally, for the arrow holder, I used a jacket belt for the shoulder strap and a random piece of packaging which just so happened to look like the Sniper's arrow holder! The second time I ran this cosplay, my best friend made me a Tribalman's Shiv and a Grizzled Veteran badge out of cardboard, whilst I made myself a Jarate bottle (with watered down Lucozade, don't worry folks!)

I learnt a few things from this cosplay. Firstly, this cosplay was no where near perfect, for example, my body-warmer was by no means the correct colour or shape for the Sniper. However, the good reception I received from others made me realise that a costume does not need to be 100% perfect for it to be well received. Second of all, regarding the bullets on my body-warmer, DO NOT WEAR THESE OUTSIDE OF EXPO. I was stopped by police later that day under the terrorism act! Luckily, I explained everything and I was eventually allowed on my way, with the bullets in my pocket too! Be cool with the police and they'll be cool with you :)

Other than that, it was a fantastic costume! Really comfy to wear, reasonably cheap and pretty eye-catching. Highly recommend for anyone new to cosplay!


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