Kotetsu Kaburagi (Rule 63 Formal Version!) - Tiger & Bunny

Worn AtKitacon IV (2012)




Formal Tiger outfit for the last Kitacon party/prom!


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Progress Journal

DRESS IS FINISHED! (Posted 7th April 2012)

FINALLY ! argh that took forever !!!

Mask Base ! (Posted 18th March 2012)

ehhhhh, don't suit wearing this mask at all... may scrap it and not bother with a mask afterall.

Dress Design Idea! (Posted 26th February 2012)

This is the base for my design ! I already bought the base dress so all I need to do is sew on the green stripes when it arrives~

Just bought the green material and its gorgeous *___* ( actually its a dress that I'm going to cut up but ohwell >>;; )