Calista (Lisa) - The Last Story


Amecon 2012




I haven't enjoyed a game as much as I'm enjoying The Last Story since my early days of playing Final Fantasy VIII - SquareEnix have got nothing on Mistwalker recently.

I managed to win a copy of the game at Midlands MCM Expo, and literally cannot put it down. Calista is the first female lead in years I've really found a connection with, and all of her outfits are so beautiful. I'd like to aim to do her ballgown as well at a later date, but the colours of her civvy outfit are gorgeous <3 I have no blue costumes - this needs to be rectified! ;D


Yasmia posted on 27 February, 2012 - 16:19
Very Pretty! I think you'll look wonderful in this. Looking forward to seeing it :D