Stocking Anarchy (Police girl outfit) - Panty and Stocking with Garterbelt




The Stocking costume was something my friend Laura and I planned to work on together (She, being my Panty). It wasn't so much a last minute decision, just a bit hard collecting all the right bits and pieces to go with the costume. The hat, the paint, the right type of accessories, etc.

I choose Stocking, because I think she is adorable and hilarious. I absolutely loved when she came on the screen, it really made the anime for me. It was only right I paid my respects and attempted to pull off a good stocking costume. I really am hoping I did well!

The hardest part was most likely finding suitable hats if I'm honest. It sounds a bit weird, but that really was. The painting, once we were settled turned out fine and the rest of the outfit was okay to collect and we managed it in time, but the hat was pushing things.

I was showing skin when I wore it so I was extremely nervous and despite it being winter I was extremely, boiling hot. I have no regrets and would love to try different variations of Stocking later on.


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