Alice Liddell (Starter (London) outfit) - American McGee's Alice: Madness Returns




The Alice costume was chosen because when I started (and consequently finished) the game, it was close to MCM and I wasn't up for attempting to make any of the more complex versions. As I wanted to wear this variant however, I decided to make this version. It is simple and therefore was quite easy to make, but still I had the help of my friends.

It is comprised of; A generic short, black wig. A black/white long sleeved striped top, with a long, black flowing skirt, black tights, black boots and an apron made specifically to match Alice's using a top, a waist apron and black fabric paint.

The hardest part was making the squares on the apron and then painting them to a satisfactory level without the paint running here, there and everywhere else. It worked for the most part; the easiest was the top as he hardly required any modifications and I already personally owned it.

When I wore it, not many people knew who I was purely because it was a relatively small fandom and I didn't wear it for an extended period of time, but for those who did recognise me, it made me feel immensely proud and I cannot wait to improve upon the design.


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