Sora (Halloween Town Varient) - kingdom hearts




Sora's Jacket is now done. Standard loose-fitting jacket made of think suedy material, lined with some bkac cotton I found lying around. Made big collar and stitched in between lining and outer fabic, only two small places where it didn't quite work. Shoulder parts are made of white leatherette, formed from a rouch semicircle and cut to have jagged edges. Seems to look okay hanging up, will try on my model when he comes home from work. Decided to do the details on applique. Cut out the shapes from leatherette and used the buttonhole function on my machine to go round the edges. Looks quite good from a distance, but will need some more practice!

The shirt is largely done, needs hemming and the "zip" putting in. I'll probably do that with applique rather than a real zip, as it is a big zig zag. However I don't yet have the right material for that. I tried embroidering, but it didn't work on the stretch stage satin I'm using.

Boot covers done with dress leather over foam (bath mat I believe). I need to adjust the fastenings, as the velcro came off. Will probably stitch in some elastic. Still have no idea about gloves, they may well get done for Minami though.

Bat wings were made from some very thick cardboard I had lying around. I stuck on some cord to make the raised lines, then covered the whole layer with glue and applied the same scaly leathery stuff I used on Mink's tail. Used a dry paintbrush to make sure the fabric stuck all the way round. Then did the same on an identical back piece. Glued both back and front together, and then attached with velcro to the inside of the leatherette shoulder pieces so they stick out at the back.

Last piece was the wig, done the night before the Expo, and before I ran my D&D game :) The wif was a punky style smiffies one, black rather than brown, but I think it works okay for the halloween version. Using some 20p hairspray and a borrowed hairdryer, I created the spikey style Sora is famous for. It was a lot easier than I thought it would be, and I was amazed at just how well sainsburies basic hairspray held. The wig still looks almost right, even having gone London and back and had a suitcase put on it!


ryaoki posted on 8 April, 2008 - 20:31
omg i lvoe this i wnted to do it, any tips you can give me, add me on msn