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For Brioney
Yeah, I take Commissions now XD Gosh- I need cash...no jobs anywhere OTL
This only includes Ed's jacket that he wears under his red coat, but over his tank top, and it's the jacket from the first season.
Will make the jacket out of a body warmer pattern and make the piece that holds the jacket together out of some thin, painted silver, material (or tinfoil XD) with velco or a button clip.
If you're interested in commissions, just ask ^^


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Progress Journal

6th April 2012


I just need to get the buckle on, but that only involves a bit of velcro to add the tin foil buckle XD
I wanted it to look metalic so I've just squished up some tin foil. Buckles are usually made out of metal so...it works...I wanted to do more paper mache or something, but that would mean not being able to wash it, so I'm attatching velcro to both sides of it and sewing it onto the jacket. So, heres to hoping 8D
I know what I'm doing, I'm just bad at explaining, so shut up.
But this is technically complete now 8D

13th March 2012

Base finished...

Now I'm taking it in so it'll fit Brioney.
To explain, I have sewn on the sleeves and begun to cut into the base, forcing parts of it to be smaller for Brioney.
So, now I need to start binding it down and finding some gray material for the buckle.
I have a proper entry to what I did which is this;
Once I'd sewn on the sleeves, I had to look back to the sixes that brioney gave me. I've made the shirt, so far, in a medium/large size, seeing as that's the size she wanted, though her measurements said a mix between small and medium XD
I've been slightly taking in the front so that it'll only just touch and will fit the buckle.
Then I've ended up messing with the front to get it near waist height. Fun stuff XD
Well...I'm just wondering what to make the bucke out of...I don't want it to look TOO metalic XD so...maybe just material that I'll paint gray or something. If it discolours in the wash, the only thing Brioney could do is re-paint it, which would be fairly easy. I'll layer over another piece of material or so to make it look like the buttonish things.
Next stop; BIAS BINDING.

6th March 2012


Okay, so being majorly sick today, I ended up staying home from college as I didn't want to hurl my guts onto a computer screen other than my own (I haven't, which is very good...AND I'VE EATEN 8D).
So, today I ended up editing parts of the jacket so that they'd be baggy on Brioney, but so that they'd still be a good fit on her. But...this is shoulder wise. Body wise, I'm making sure it really WILL be baggy, because, on Edward, it's a pretty straight fit, it isn't form fitting at all. So, to me, this works.
Okay, I hope Brioney doesn't mind that XD I'm mainly cheating with it so I don't have to put darts in it, as darts piss me the fuck OFF XD but darts are only there to give the shirt/jacket a shape, but mainly shirts. Jackets never seem to have darts...lol...
So, at least progress has been made...will try and mess with the sleeves, for once, over my four day weekend XD

4th March 2012

A bit of progress

Okay, this is a commish for Brioney, who needs the shirt of her Edward Elric cosplay making for her, because she lacks time and skill, so she saw me at the last expo with my Keiji shirt and noticed that it looked a lot like edwards, so requested this commission.
So, yesterday, while I was out with a few friends, I stopped off and got everything I needed for this. AND IT WAS GOOD.
And today, I made a good start!
I actually have the body of it sewn together, and that includes the collar(which I normally put on last)! I have a feeling I'll have this done sooner than I was hoping XD may have to stop for a week or so once I have the sleeves sewn on and the length of the top sorted XD