Seong Mi Na - Soul Calibur





As previously stated, I love Seong Mina to death. She’s always been my favorite character on Soul Calibur. She so strong a dedicated, and I’m always inspired by her ‘can-do-it’ attitude”. I had already done her SCII design, so I decided to go ahead and jump in, and do her design from the first game! It’s such a cute and simple design, and I was excited to work on something that could easily be worn and move around in! The whole project was pretty cheap and took about three whole days to make!

I was getting more confident in my sewing skills, and I figured that this would be fairly easy to tackle and give me some good practice with a sewing machine! It was also the first time I used my 1964 Singer Touch and Sew, so it was an adventure from the very beginning!

I managed to find this red jersey-like material that was pretty stretchy on sale. I bought extra just case I messed myself up! I used a shirt pattern for a tank top and modified it. I put splits in the side and made it a little shorter than the pattern had originally dictated. The edges of the shirt were covered in bias tape. This was done last minute at my mother’s house, and because her machine broke while I was using it, I was forced to use fabric glue. Not so much fun!

The skirt was made from the same material as the top. It was two long rectangles sewn together, allowing really long slits along both sides. Like the shirt, the sides were then covered in the bias tape. I painted the design on the front with white fabric paint. The skirt simply velcros on one side.

The ascot I completely patterned out myself. I was totally shooting in the dark, so I was very surprised when it came out so well. It’s actually my favorite piece of the whole costume! The yellow fabric I found is the same material as the red, just yellow, nice and stretchy and doesn’t fray. It’s basically a big U shape, with squared off corners. I sewed to pieces on top of each other, then turned it right side out and sewed the last little side. It ties around the neck in the front and just hangs down the back.

The boots were some old ones that I had and never wore. I just took the scraps of my red fabric and glued it to the outside. I still haven’t attempted to make boot covers yet, lol. I drew the little embellishment on the craft foam, cut it out, painted it and glued it right there. The gloves were a failed experiment. I tried to use a Vogue pattern for some simple gloves, by my hands are apparently monstrously huge, because the XXL pattern was STILL way too small for me. I ended up cutting out all the fingers and keeping the thumbs. I made the embellishments the same way as the boots and glued the to the back of the palms.

The wig was some wig I bought on sale at a wig shop in San Antonio, TX, last minute. It’s actually a really nice wig that’s designed for real everyday wear, so it was nice and thick and cut to work with. I cut the bangs, braided the rest and sprayed hairspray all over it. The headband just slips right on over it and across my forehead.

The Polearm is the third prop I’ve ever attempted, and was made in about four hours. After my previous polearm and bow completely failing, I felt a little more confident after working with Megaman X. The blade was made with a cardboard base, covered in expanding foam and carved down. It was then covered in masking tape and coated in a layer of Resin. I had mixed feelings with this. I liked the hardness of it, but it took forever to dry. I probably won’t use it again. I’m not sure. Everything was spray painted and then glued together. It worked out pretty well considering!

I actually learned a lot of things with this costume. I learned how to use the zig-zag stitch on my machine. I learned how to USE my new (old) machine. I learned to work with resin, and with bias tape. It was still simple, but I suppose an important cosplay as far as learning things goes.

I loved wearing it, even if I didn’t get recognized. I guess less people played the arcade version than I thought! I plan on wearing it more in the future!”


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