T-Elos - Xenosaga Episode III





You can see all of the Work in Progress photos here-- Trust me, there are TONS.

I spent a lot of time on this costume. Everything was so detail oriented, and I had to wait forever for the paint to dry. I usually use spray paint because it’s faster, but I couldn’t find any in the navy color that I needed, so EVERYTHING was handpainted with Acryllic, with took forever.

When looking for reference pictures, I was completely baffled. I found everything from pre-game artwork and concepts, to screen captures, to renders from the game, and the famous PVC statue. The problem is that NOTHING is consistant. Pieces are larger or smaller or different in designs. Her color in the game is mostly black and purple, while the PVC statue boasts a pretty navy, black and red scheme. I was completely confused as to what to do. I decided to kind of mix everything. I went with a black bodysuit and stockings, and used the navy and red scheme for the armor.

The bodysuit and stockings are made from some black spandex that I managed to find on clearance at Hancocks fabrics. I was surprised to find any at all, because they typically don’t carry it. I snatched it up. I actually used part of a dress pattern, and the pattern to some swimsuit bottoms. I combined them to get the basic shape and then cut out the holes where necessary in the design. I wish that the underboobage was more correct, but I really didn’t want to make the suit again, so I settled for that version.

All of the chest armor and the collar is made out of craft foam. I cut all the pieces out without patterns, sealed them with Modge Podge, painted them, and sealed them with more Modge Podge for strength and shine. I go for the matte version, because the glossy always dries tacky and sticky, and it’s really gross. Everything is backed with velcro and can be pulled off so I can wash the bodysuit.

The arm piece and the hip plate are made from Sintra, which is a thermoplastic similar to Wonderflex. I managed to buy a 4 x5 ft piece from one of Josh’s friends for $5. I cut it with a craft knife, heated it up in the oven at 250 degrees and molded it in shape. Once cooled, I made the smaller designs out of craft foam and glued it to the Sintra. Everything was then painted and sealed with Modge Podge. Both pieces have Velcro the attaches them to my arm and leg.

The Helmet was made about four times before I settled on the one that I liked. I evnetually made it out of craft foam. I patterned it out, glued it together and sealed it. It was painted and sealed again. The large bulb in the front is half of a styrofoam ball glued to the craft foam. It has velcro in the back to secure it against my head.

I got the wig from Hellocosplay.com for a good price, and was thoroughly pleased with it. I trim the bangs and hairprayed a little piece to stick up from the head like hers does.

The shoes were bought from the Payless Shoe Source that I work at. I painted them navy and embelished them with craft foam details. I used the black gloves from my Team Rocket cosplay.

I love this costume to death. It’s tricky to get on, and I often need help from another person. It’s pretty comfortable. I can sit decently and the heels don’t kill my feet. I can’t bend over well though, for fear of crunching and of the chest armor. Everything from my boobs to my but are taped into place with fashion tape to make sure that everything stays proper.

I always get good reception, even if a lot of people don’t know who I am or what I’m from. People who DO know who I cam go completely ape though, and it’s quite hilariously. I haven’t entered her into a contest yet.

I would love to re-make the bodysuit to be more of the proper shape.


Ranma1-2 posted on 1 March, 2012 - 23:49
So much work went into making this. You have great skills. You do look fab in it too. :)

Thearah posted on 2 March, 2012 - 04:05
Thank you so much!