Italy (Chibitalia) - Hetalia Axis Powers




I finished the Chibitalia cosplay this weekend; I did leave myself no time at all before the London Expo ;O; I still need to tweak it a bit, but it is pratically ready.

I decided to cosplay chibitalia because I had always loved his dress in the anime, and also I could still be very girly while still being Italy, which would be harder to accomplish when he is in his ww2 uniform. I also wanted to try making a dress for the first time as I had never done it, and I am pleased that it turned out good for a first attempt.

The hardest part was making the sleeves. I still have not nailed the art of making sleeves, but I think they are ok enough to pass through the cosplay check list... hopefully o~o

EDIT: I put short sleeves on it and changed it to a different green. I much prefer it how it is now. After wearing it at the London expo I realized it was so uncomfortable with long sleeves (it made me sweat so much XP )that I just had to change it.


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