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This costume is probably the first of my cosplays that I've considered good enough and I'm not ashamed of. I didn't make it, but it still taught me a valuable lesson: Cosplaying properly is better than throwing things together out of your closet and calling it a cosplay. This outfit was my first eye-opener to that.

Because of this costume, I have gone through a phase of buying cosplay in the last year. I think that it's helped to set a standard in my mind of what is good and what is bad. It's helped me to aim higher.

I'm now teaching myself to sew, however I won't be putting anything on-line until it is at the standard that I've set for myself in my mind. I'm getting there, but slowly. None of this feels natural to me.

So this costume was the first to really make me realize that there is so much more to cosplay :)

I wore this to J-Con 2011 for the main convention day. I'm sure a few of you would have seen me limping around. I'd very badly sprained my ankle and torn all my ligaments at the party night before. So I guess I also have very painful memories of this cosplay too!

We thought I'd broken my foot, but I stupidly waited until the weekend was over to go to A&E. I could have broken my leg and I'd STILL have been at the con the next day! XDDD

Captain_Marvelous posted on 23 February, 2012 - 14:24
Love Inuyasha! you look fantastic!

Nomiiku posted on 24 February, 2012 - 18:22
Thank you so much *_* <3 Inuyasha is great!

23rd February 2012

Things To Do

I'm definitely going to be crossplaying Inuyasha at some point, which I really cannot wait to do! However I also want more photos of me in my Kagome outfit. So I've kindly asked Alix and Calum that after I do Inuyasha, would one of them jump into the costume, so that I could have some Inu/Kag photos with them. I really adore that ship! I'm totally bullying my boyfriend and friend into this one. Sorry guys! XD I also need to take this costume in too. It was baggy on me before I lost weight. Now it just hangs.

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