Professor Stein - Soul Eater




Well after watching some snippets of Soul Eater...I have fallen for Stein ;D <3

With Stein, I will be dashing around to get this done, Oh well xD Hopefully it goes well and I hope I can suit him really well


Mikado posted on 12 April, 2012 - 00:12
cheers for the comment on mizuho ill be taking her to may expo as well as kitacon, if your planning on doing kai anyway why not for may?

Mikado posted on 12 April, 2012 - 00:14
sorry for double comment but i like how your steins coming along, i noticed you over came my problem with the scythe. word of advice for perfect all day lasting stitches liquid eye liner

animekid3000 posted on 12 April, 2012 - 01:50
Thank you so much for the kind words and Thanks for the advice on the stitches, it is much appreciated. Also the reason why I'm not cosplaying Kei yet is because I haven't got all the stuff yet, but I still demand a hug from you at expo ;3

rosieroo posted on 12 April, 2012 - 13:34
loving the shoes x

animekid3000 posted on 12 April, 2012 - 14:09
^^ same here hunny, plus it is soo cheap to make <3

rosieroo posted on 18 April, 2012 - 07:45
wicked jacket x loving the progress i hope to see you at expo

animekid3000 posted on 19 April, 2012 - 15:31
I hope to see you as well Hun 8'D, I'll be with a big soul eater group so it will be hard to miss me 8'D xx

cowiee posted on 9 September, 2014 - 09:59
You make a good Stein! Nice work!

MadlyScientific posted on 14 September, 2014 - 16:18
Awesome Stein, perfect costume, love the make-up and lab coat especially!

ArikaCosplay posted on 17 November, 2014 - 01:17
Brilliant Stein :) It looks great!