Soi Fong - Bleach





About the costume: So I wanted to grow out my hair for this costume didn’t get as long as I wanted it to so I added extentions. Took me like 4 years until I acually made it! Glad it’s all done now. I wanted to fix it up a little more and do another photo-shoot for it. I made a few minor chances. I decided to take the wraps off her hair because I wanted to get some photos of her long hair blowing in the wind. Maybe I will do that next shoot. :D

Why I did this costume: When I first started to watch bleach there were maybe 20 episodes very small amount from what there is now! I never knew the series was going to get to big and be so long. I was watching a lot of it then got busy with school so I only got so far. Here and there I will watch it again in my small attepts to get caught up to where it is now. So I really loved a lot of the female characters in the series there are a few more I wouldn’t mind cosplaying as. I really loved Soi Fong’s look and personality. You stood out to me a lot and I think she really works for me. I enyoed her background story a lot. She is totally awesome!


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