Corporal Lewis - Killing Floor

Worn AtKitacon IV (2012)
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Big fan of Killing Floor and always wanted to get a group together.

Thanks to Balthier42b and Ryaoki I was able to make it a reality. First proper KF i've seen done. Hope the pictures will do it justice.

It was a slightly awkward but enjoyable costume to wear.


Alias Cosplay posted on 22 February, 2012 - 17:50
Its coming together nicely.

lycaneyes posted on 23 February, 2012 - 00:27
Looks great so far

Captain_Marvelous posted on 24 March, 2012 - 16:04
Not sure what its from but you certainly look like the refence pic alot! ^^

sjbonnar posted on 25 March, 2012 - 02:18
Dude win!

Captain_Marvelous posted on 17 April, 2012 - 16:47
Well done as always, making us all look bad XD

MasterJh117 posted on 22 April, 2012 - 15:03
Mother of mercy YES! This looks awesome, man! :D Much love for the floor that we kill on.

To-Do List

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Progress Journal

Burn Baby Burn! (Posted 8th March 2012)

Flamethrower provisionally finished, however there a few things that still need doing. The trigger unit isn't sitting right and the paint job on the tank needs touching up.

Straps Added + Body Fixed (Posted 8th March 2012)

Attached the secondary feeder pipe to the main body using chicken wire. Then added grey tape for asthetic purposes. I varying parts of the flamethrower were also fixed into place using contact adhesive, expanding foam, and superglue.

Spacer Fitting (Posted 6th March 2012)

Spacers added and then test fitted. Very happy with how they measured up.

Inner Barrel Sprayed (Posted 6th March 2012)

The inner barrel was still grey so sprayed it black to make it blend to the main body. Red electrical tape was added above it to help adhesion of the nozzle when it will be added when paint dries.

Trigger Unit Secured (Posted 6th March 2012)

Secured trigger unit to the connecting pipe using cable ties carefully cut to length.

Spacers Added (Posted 6th March 2012)

Spacers were secured to the feeder pipe using superglue, as well as a metal nail.

Spacers (Posted 6th March 2012)

Because the feeder pipe doesn't quite reach the main body of the flamethrower, some metals sections were cut and sprayed graphite to match the tube.

Trigger Unit Test Fit (Posted 5th March 2012)

After modding the trigger unit has been test fitted using a some tubing. I think the top part is a little underscale, so will be looking into that.

Trigger Unit (Posted 5th March 2012)

Trigger unit is based off a JG MP5 lower. Bits will me removed/added to achieve the correct look. Unit will be sprayed flat black.

Further Detailing + Test Fit (Posted 2nd March 2012)

The nozzle was given a fine coat of metallic red to simulate heat damage. The feed tube was painted graphite metal. Everything was then test fitted again as I await construction of trigger unit.

Tank Detailing (Posted 2nd March 2012)

The tank was given two coats of yellow paint in slightly different colours. The paint job was deliberatly roughly done to better represent wear and tear. Decal, dials and other details were added.

Tank Adjustment (Posted 1st March 2012)

Bottom of bottle was sawn off to better represent the fuel tank. The expanding foam with filling out the base nicely.

NBC Suit Test (Posted 29th February 2012)

NBC suit arrived, tested it with rest of kit. Helmet doesn't quite sit right so may need modifying.

Priming (Posted 24th February 2012)

Flamethrower was disassembled for priming, several successive coats were added.

Test Assembley 2 (Posted 24th February 2012)

Parts were test fitted together again to make sure they were in right location etc, prior to priming.

Pilot Flame (Posted 24th February 2012)

Using a weedkiller spray lance/nozzle I constructed the pilot flame element for the flamethrower.

Helmet, Mask + Vest (Posted 23rd February 2012)

For the project i'm using a British Army Mk6a helmet with a DPM cover. An S10 gas mask with black flash proof lenses, and a DPM tactical vest.

Secondary Pipe Backup Plan (Posted 22nd February 2012)

After the disaster with the cardboard tube I searched the garage for an alternative. My dad pointed out some plastic 1.25" piping he used for plumbing work. This fitted quite nicely over the cardboard tubing, it meant I didn't have to take the original pipe to pieces to recover the metal parts used. The added benefit being it now bulks out the secondary pipe to a slightly better scale.

Second set of holes drilled without issue.

Pipe Drill Failiure (Posted 22nd February 2012)

Attempts to drill holes in cardboard piping produced unstatisfactory results. Holes lack definition, are uneven, and damage intergrity of its structure.

Secondary Pipe Sanded (Posted 22nd February 2012)

After foam had set, excess was cut away with a stanley knife and whole thing was sanded.

Pilot Flame Pipe Connector (Posted 22nd February 2012)

Added connector made from old plumbing supplies to secondary pipe. Expanding foam was used to secure pip into place as well as seal both ends. Left to set.

Tank Connector (Posted 22nd February 2012)

Bulked out one of the sections of tank connector with foam strips.

Nozzle Body Finished (Posted 22nd February 2012)

Sleeve was added using strip foam cut to length and glued into place. Any gaps were covered with electrical tape.

Nozzle Body (Posted 22nd February 2012)

Next up was to test fit the nozzle parts together and work out where abouts they should sit. I then cut a collar out of plastic piping and added to the main body off the flamethrower. An additional sleeve of cardboard tubing was then cut for the main body of the nozzle.

Test Assembley (Posted 22nd February 2012)

Once the expanding foam had set I put together the various elements again in another mockup. From this I was able to work out what size the piping needed cutting to and what do next with the flamethrower nozzle.

Flamethrower Mockup (Posted 21st February 2012)

Several sections of plastic piping, cardboard tubing, and pipe insulation foam were cut to length. I then mocked up the design using the parts I currently have to get an idea of how big the weapon will be when finished. It is still missing some critical elements such as the trigger unit.

Bottle Reinforced (Posted 21st February 2012)

Bottle filled with expanding foam to aid in rigidity, place holder pipe added.

Project Start + Fuel Tank (Posted 20th February 2012)

After looking around to find something of appropriate scale I located a bottle of lemonade that had escaped the sonambulist machinations of Ryukredapples. After drinking the contents, I then sourced a T section of pipe from B&Q and test fitted with the bottle.