Kenny McCormick (Normal) - South Park




This was a very simple costume to make but wearing it was tough.I have to admit my costume was made by my mother as she took over D: but I guess I was too lazy aswell. To make it I brought an orange tracksuit and my mom simply sewn on brown material around the edge of the hood and stuffed it with... stuffing >.> and then she made simple brown mittens with elastic round the wrists to make sure they dont fall off XP The only thing I would improve on this costume is the fact the tracksuit had 'NB' or something embroidered onto it so we covered it with a sew on patch. The costume was extreamly warm so it's good if you like hanging outside rather then in the Telford centre.

This costume shall not be worn by me again as it is going up for sale on eBay, so if you like it then be sure to check it out!


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