Darth Ikko - Star Wars

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Star Wars OC character. Some accessories include Phrik (or cortosis. Not decided yet...) armour on the left arm and a concealed blaster.


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Progress Journal

27th February 2012

Armour and Mask

I hot glued some elastic straps to the armour and glove plate, letting the armour slip on over my underclothes. I also cut down the width of the armour to lighten them up a bit and reduce the amount of plastic to stop it getting in the way.

The mask took a bit of adaption, I added some foam panels behind the nose section of the mask, partly to hide my face slightly and let the grey show through the vents on it. In addition, I have found that with this plastic mask, that if I draw on in blue sharpie and let it dry, the ink looks a deep red in certain light so it looks pretty cool.

21st February 2012


I have cut a chunk out of my stormtrooper armour piece in order to allow more range of motion, the edge of part of it was digging in when I moved my arm in a certain way. I have also started modifying my face mask, an old paintball mask, to suit.

21st February 2012

Buying stuff

Well, firstly I had to buy some things, once I'd decided how I was going to proceed. I firstly bought a lightsabre, a special one rather than the bog standard. That's yet to arrive. I also decided to buy, since he has phrik (or cortosis) gauntlets, to buy some stormtrooper armour pieces. Just the Left Outer Arm and Left glove plate. The reason for the armour is to block or deflect lightsabre blasts, a hidden advantage against the Jedi scum. I need to get buckley bits so I can adjust these to fit my arm.

In addition, I've bought some new England Assault boots. I'm most likely not going to modify those since they look good enough for me.