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Fluttershy! :D Actually using the same wig from my Princess Bubblegum outfit. I originally saw one that was a gorgeous pastel tone, but when we went back into the shop, it was gone. Still, the wig is a good pink, so I can use that c: Picked up a jacket too, and an old shirt with butterflies on!

Still very much open to possibilities on this, though. I might still try and find a dress instead. Regardless, I have the pink felt to sew on the cutie mark to any piece of clothing :D


Whoops, totally didn't forget to update this! I finally finished Fluttershy the day before the con - with most of the effort going into the two plush wings, held onto the dress at the back with safety pins. I'll put up some pictures of the finished outfit asap~!
I wore this both days since I never got to finish Bubblegum


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16th May 2012

One week to go

So this has been pretty much devoid of updates, but hopefully I'll have an actual image up tomorrow!

Long story short, I just couldn't find the right combination of clothes to make Fluttershy's outfit - either the tones didn't match or the style didn't suit ;w; so instead I'm actually testing my sewing skills again and creating her entire outfit from scratch!

After about four hours spent today, I'm halfway through the dress- it's functionally sound, but needs a lot of hemming and 'prettying up', really. I'm putting felt ears on a headband (which will hopefully help keep the wig in place too!) and attempting wings... I can make them just fine (plenty more felt!) but figuring out exactly where to attach them is going to be a pain XD

... Curses, shoes. I'M GOING IN SOCKS!