Sailor Moon (Usagi) (Scout uniform) - Sailor Moon





I used to watch SailorMoon all the time as a little snapper! I still remember glueing myself to the screen just to watch it on Fox Kids.
It what was first got my addicted to Japanese anime alongside Pokemon (Before Beyblade came into existence).
A friend suggested I cosplay my favourite character not only due to loving her so much, but because we share some common traits.

Like Usagi I am sensitive, clumsy and eat like a pig. I also like to procrastinate any study and blow my money on silly things like video games! But you know what? I like who I am. I know she is cosplayed alot but many traits of her personality reflect some of my own and I do so want to wear that wig...xD
SailorMoon always inspired me as a child and I would roleplay as her quite often. x)

So...What the heck!

I will at long last, cosplay her!


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