Italy (Felicano) (Blue Suit) - Hetalia Axis Powers





I absolutly love Italy from Hetalia, He is so funny even my sister just loves him. Pastaaa!!!!! Is proberly a line that I say often now and which has brought my attention to his particulr Cosplay. So I hope to be able to act werid and silly enough to be Italy/Felicano XD

I love the Blue Suit he wears because of its army style and the fact that it is the proberly the most used Costume in the series (I think?) I sure hope I can pull this one off as I've never done a character like Italy before.

Since I shall proberly be buying the Costume, I'm guessing it should be pretty easy. I guess the only hard bit would be styling the wig if possible.

Overall I am proberly going to start getting the Costume together quite soon :D


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