Sherlock Holmes
Sherlock BBC

Cosplayer: Shigeako

Variant: [1.0]

Status: Complete

Condition: Not Set

Numta avatar

Numta - 17th February 2012
Awesome work! =]

You'd make Mr Holmes proud!

Unknown member avatar

Anonymous - 17th February 2012
this is utter epicness!!! looks fantastic so far =]

Silantre avatar

Silantre - 24th February 2012
*blink* I skipped right over those photos on the main page because I thought they were reference images XD I'm glad I went back for another look, because you pull him off so well!

paintedapples11 avatar

paintedapples11 - 24th February 2012
wow =D you look fantastic 8DD

Loxes avatar

Loxes - 27th February 2012
You look great! Hope I see you at MCM :D

Rayi avatar

Rayi - 23rd April 2012

LittleRecordGirl avatar

LittleRecordGirl - 2nd May 2012
Dat photo of you with the violin! <3

BladeyCakes avatar

BladeyCakes - 2nd May 2012
Aahhhhhhhhhhhhhh perfection <3

InfiniteJester avatar

InfiniteJester - 3rd May 2012
You make an amazing Sherlock!

Britlander avatar

Britlander - 9th June 2012
I have to say, I actually missed a few of the photos the first time round because at a glance I assumed they were reference pictures. Just whoa. The way that you hold yourself and carry off the characters is brilliant. You suit the character very well. Some of the photos are so scarely in character. Congratculations on pulling it off so well!

ThisIsLisaB avatar

ThisIsLisaB - 11th June 2012
*whispers* Purple Shirt of Sex.....

YES. Very good costume! You look awesome! :3c

Tsuchinoko avatar

Tsuchinoko - 7th July 2012
This is really impressive, you've managed to get such a really close likeness to him and suit him so well. You have some great photos there, too.

Karakulz avatar

Karakulz - 7th July 2012
You make a really amazing Sherlock, No... you make a PERFECT Sherlock!

Fantastic work! ^^

Amy-Lou avatar

Amy-Lou - 3rd August 2012
Uncanny resemblance, you've really got the characteristics down.

Sammykins avatar

Sammykins - 3rd August 2012
The effort you have put into making the photos just right amazes me! This is a brilliant cosplay- I love how you've got every little detail just right.

Irynmudda avatar

Irynmudda - 4th August 2012
Wow. The details of this are outstanding! Brilliantly done.

KC-HOME avatar

KC-HOME - 4th August 2012
great work !!!! This is so well done ! I find it hard cosplaying 'real' characters/actors etc. but yours is really amazing !!!

Immy avatar

Immy - 5th August 2012
:O This is brilliant!

Heorot avatar

Heorot - 29th April 2013
So awesome! The pictures are faboulous and I like the ava too xD