Rei Kon - Beyblade G-Revolution



Adding all the costumes which have been planned for a while but kept forgetting to put up.
Yes I need to stop uploading costumes D:
Yes I am procrastinating from doing work hurrr...

I was obsessed with this show as a kid. And I still love it now. I remember having this up when I first got CosplayIsland (as well as Sasuke from Naruto hahaha, whom I still intend to do at some point) but took it down because I was failing with the wig. Seriously, cheapy party wig combined with gel, manga head putty, PVA glue and God knows what else that I now know you can't put in a wig XD Plus I was also failing at the costume itself because I had no idea how to make trousers at the time, even baggy ones.

But now I think I can easily make the costume no problem and hopefully style the wig with no worries. Can't decide between getting a Punky New Look wig or hybriding two wigs. I'm going to hybrid two wigs for another cosplay so will hopefully find out just how thick that method is and if it isn't much difference then I shall just get a punky wig for ease!

Rei's my favourite character from the series, also really love Tala but I would never suit him ;____; Tala's too awesome for me, I shall just fanspazz over others that cosplay him.

I have no idea when for, if people want a group then I shall push him forward but man do I suck at solo cosplays for myself these days!

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