Maggie Mui (Battle Costume) - Read or Die TV


AmeCon 2007




T'was my first anime convention
and my first cosplay.

I modelled the Coat pattern from an existing jacket and made the collar through lots of hope and swearing

all the blue edging is ribbon that i ended up sewing on by hand because the machine refused to sew anymore at that point. some bits (the minor details) also to my deepest shame ended up being glued on, as i was running out of both time and energy.

the trousers were a complete shambels and the black undershirt was a patch job for the convention as i didnt have anything else.

the wig was terrible but served its purpose once i got it to style.

i wore this at Ame07 and loved it even though i had to safety pin the trousers up!

at Ame08 i took Maggie out to be worn again, but this time with some differences!

I brought a decent wig, and actually found some boots that were similar.

I re-made the trousers and brought a black leotard to wear underneath everything.

i was extremely happy with the results, even though the entire day that i wore it for i spent in the omake que which though fun was tiring!


Baggy posted on 28 February, 2012 - 22:35
oh wow a Maggie Mui cosplay, that's awesome! So nice to see R.O.D cosplayers :3