Marie - Skullgirls




11april 2012 - Just played the Arcade mode and.. I'm going with Marie for now :D Although there will DLC and I will most likely change my mind a hundred times. But I've decided to do a SG character for May Expo (Sunday) and she is the character I like the most out of the current characters.

30 May 2012 - Marie went down well at MCM Expo at the weekend. I was happy with her. Though I wasn't feeling well and I couldn't get to see my friend to do my eyebrows/makeup. I felt very guilty because she bought products especially :( Even so, I ended up wearing Marie until after the masquerade she was really comfy in the end. Just had to take off the heart. I need new batterys for the heart, but aside from that I think it's all good. Ohh, getting my friend to cut the wig for me. Someone grabbed me franticly when I was half undressed walked out of the masqurade, he was very nice and a little fanboyish heheehehehe xD

May have a groupage sooooon too. I got my photo taken at the NEO stall with my friend who was dressed as Nurse Grell. But they didn't listen and changed the lighting and when printed my face didn't look pale :( But it's a dramatic photo. I want some proper ones so it looks like I'm flying. We tried to take some in the wind, a friend took some on her decent camera too but yet to see them. :) I REALLY want to make her hoover!! :D And need a hoop in the bottom of the skirt or something.


19 Feb - PAINWHEEL OR SQUIGGLY???????????????

13 Feb 2012 - My partner said to me "I bet you will cosplay one of these" ... And, i will be, not all the characters are announced so I'm not going to decide for sure who I will cosplay. There is one already I would love to cosplay, I'm not sure if she's confirmed or just a leaked (Squigly). but I'm hoping there will be one that's my height ect. I'll wait....

EDIT: I really want to play Squigly. So I'm going to do her anyways, and if there's another character on the DLC I will do that too - These characters are amazing.

EDIT (19th) Now I'm really liking Painwheel again......... Ohhh I love the design of Squiggly but Painwheel is about my height and stuffs. *THINKS* I just don't want to do Squig and then her not be in the game at all.. I'm pretty sure she's going to be DLC but the internet is full of confusing contridictive information! Plus I don't want her to turn out to be 7foot tall, and 100kg.


Freyarule posted on 22 May, 2012 - 09:27
Looking awesome so far! Hope you get it completed :D :D

FlyingMammal posted on 22 May, 2012 - 11:55
Thank yous Mel :) that was much needed x

magicalpantsu posted on 23 May, 2012 - 15:04
sghjdfnmgv Looks awesome!! I can't wait to see it at the Expo!

FlyingMammal posted on 23 May, 2012 - 23:08
awww thank you cranberry. I hope you spot me. I'll be wearing her on Sunday morning. As I may change for watching the masqurade :)

Crazedteensie posted on 24 May, 2012 - 08:37
Ahhhh this looks awesome! :D

ToroSonyCat posted on 1 October, 2013 - 17:23
I love the prop! Awesome cosplay

nanahara posted on 1 October, 2013 - 20:07
hehe loving the vaccum and the cosplay itself looks great

FlyingMammal posted on 8 October, 2013 - 19:21
thanks guys :) I appreciated that. I am working on the dress and things as much as I can before expo.

To-Do List

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Progress Journal

27th September 2013

LED's ready

Its aliveee!
the LEDs are ready for the vaccum cleaner eyes.

17th March 2013


still got no wheels.....

12th August 2012

vaccum cleaner update..

It needs wheels then It's in a 'usable' state. I was this in a not so positive way because I don't think I can face doing anything more to it. I think if I mess about with it too much longer I am just doing to loose enthuiasum and never bother doing these photos. Sooooooooooooooo for now, I'm just going to add some wheels and then use it for the photos. I can hide the 'badddddddd' bits and whatnot. I WILL work on it a lot more before it goes out in public though. It's no where near damage proof for a start.

the lighting drowns out the paint work..

29th July 2012

teeny bits more...

Actually got around to working on the spine/ribs a few minutes this week.
All the tape was coming off, so I put some more tape around it all, pva glue. pva glue and newspaper around the spine and the rib join, then some more tape - much neater than the base tape. Then pva glued over everything. Well, two of them are done like this. Two more to go. It's actually quite fiddley.

A few days ago I shaped some loo rolls and covered them in a rough layer of masking tape. Not sure the best way to work with them yet, so I'm leaving them until last. I'm desperate for this photoshoot - it's already taken me almost 2 months over due. :( My little helpers went on holidays too and I have a load of work and other cosplay antics to do this week. EEK! Busy busy. As you know I need my rest times and well, I just feel like my brain has switched off from everything. This has taken me an hour to type :/

I will remember to take and post an update image of the hoover as it is now.

16th July 2012

bit closer..

some layers of paint..... every tiny bit i do is one bit closer.I just need to fit it in.

23rd June 2012

Vaccum Cleaner

Is taking longer than I thought! hehe. Actually in hours it's probably not that long, just i have to do a bit, leave it to dry then do other bits so it feels longer. I'm getting there though.

All the tape is coming off the ribs which is annoying, i can't do anything with them until I have finished the main base. glue, dry quickkkker already hehe.

Off to do more while playing batman lego 2 and watching the F1 - yes, multitasking at it's best.

14th June 2012

hoover update

this isn't going THAT well... not bad really, i think i'm just not got my mind on the job.
I've just got to do all the bases for the bones, then I have all the base vaccum cleaner ready to papermache over parts that need it.

image of the current progress.

the black wiggley pipe is attached to white pipeing then the white piping will join into the face part once all the paper mache and bits are done.

8th June 2012

Project: Mini Cosplayers

My niece's; 8 and 11 have loads of plans for our summer cosplaying funs... Two of which are Peacock and Umberella!!! EEEEEEEEEEEEEE they are the right heights and everything.. It's going to be rather awesome xD hehehehe

6th June 2012


i have most of the stuff for the hoover and a photographer for the end of the month eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!

1st June 2012

post expo

marie had a lot of love. more than i expected. thank you everyone. especially the dude who totally fanboyed on sunday evening hehe
stuff went wrong at the weekend, but i wore her anyway.

i am going to start for hoover and some edit bits on the costume. my good friend is going to do a photoshoot with me, as the photoman on NEO stall didn't listen to me and though I like the photo I bought it's not quite what i wanted....

23rd May 2012

OMGOMOGMOGMOMG I'm actually finished

I may redo bits after Expo. But this is ready for Expoooooooooooo!! wahooooooooo!!! [will be crossing my bones nothing falls apart]

Riped the back of the dress wayyy open.
And fixed the undershirt
and glues on the ribs
and hemmed the dress
and sewed up some holes

Bought some lace
sewed on lace to bottom of dress
fused the apron tie and straps with hemming fuse stuff
fused the upper arms on dress with hemming fuse stuff

22nd May 2012

Left to do

- Machine Stitch the under t-shirt where Pinned.
- Glue on Ribs (Pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee work!!!

- Sleeves - hemming stuff
- Lace on bottom (if time)

- hem stuff on tie bit.
- Sew the straps on front.

- Cut

On day: Eyebrows and tac apron onto shoulders if needed.

20th May 2012


the ribs just need a dry brush tonight when I get back from my coarse.
I have almost finished base of the dress. But I didn't buy any lace yesterday when I got the fabric so I may use some scrap white fabric for now.

TOO MUCH TO DO and I literally have monday and wedneaday to finish this. and get all my baking and pakcing and shopping and... EEK! Ok okok don't panic. I'm not too fused if I doin't get everything done on Marie, as long as she's in a good enough state to wear I will work on her more after expo. I just really want to wear her.

There's not THAT much to do on her really, it's just time. And other things like eating the sleeping and Sempai'ing oh and am in hospital on thursday GRR. Hopfully I can do some things while there. *thinks* I might be able to. Like safety pins on the back of the skulls. Just I will probably only have one hand. *THINKS*

Ok I better go. AGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH. PANIC PANIC!!! I haven't even done my work for my coarse today. - that's not good. May not update before expo. See you all there.

EDIT: Photo added though more paint and dry brushed now.

17th May 2012

ribs 3

decided to cover the ribs in pva/newspaper. it's a bit more tricky than I thought. taken me agesssssssss just to do 4. 4 more to go, then leave them to dry...........

I may need to get some white paint first... don't think I have enough.

Just the fabric to 'get' and sew... Not too much work actually, it's just doing it. and the fact of getting the fabric... *eek*

16th May 2012

ribs 2..

I rolled up newspaper and have put a few layers of masking tape around them. It's actually quite strong. I was going to paper mache around them, but I will try some paint on them tomorrow and see if it works. Fingers crossed it will, as I really don't have much time left. Could do without needing to mache them. The image was with 1 layer of tape. I have done a couple more layers and tidied the ends.

15th May 2012


I am just cutting up some foam as a base for the ribs. Might use rolled up newspaper instead. But my back has totally gone nuts on me and I can't go downstairs. The foam was next to my bed from yesterday when I started my spanner for Audrey. Wish me luck.........

edit: scrap that idea, i'll use newpaper, this cutting foam idea is way too uneven...

12th May 2012

gem and skulls

Skulls are painted *takes photo* oh wait, I need to paint the teeth gaps and nose holes black. Used skull white GamesWorkshop paint and dry brushed it bleachbone. I left the greenstuff uneven as I thought it might look all battled but now I kinda wish I'd sanded it. But it's not too bad unless you look really closely. hehe

And there's the gem, it did come with a redbead chain, but I took that off and was going to use the gold chain the the photo. It is one from my mum's old jewellary But I don't think I need it as on closer inspection it looks like the gem is just a broach on her dress. In which case I will take off the loop off the top of the gem.

2nd May 2012

skulls wip...

All three skulls have been greenstuff'ed. Ready to paint. Might give them a sand, I should be able to tell in better light.

And that's my shoes and white mega long socks.

27th April 2012


i have ordered more all might green stuff!! haha. I prefer to work with green stuff than any type of clay. hurry up and arrive so I can do the skulls!!! I ordered that necklace, hopfully that arrived asap. Just need a different chain. I probably have one ling around. I just need to get some fabric and lace...... Oh yeah I forgot about this part. AGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH 4 WEEKS TO GO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

26th April 2012

wig arrived..

It is sooooooooooooooo nice. I love it. Although scared out of my brains about cutting the extentions! HELP! Anyone know a good way?

I love the colour. Thank you B!!!!!

23rd April 2012


I've seen a few jewels/gems in different red's. I like ruby red, but the ones I like are Out of Stock. I just came across this: it's good because it's set into a gold frame. I like it, obviously I will have a gold chain not he beads. But what do you think of the red/gold gem area?

11th April 2012

Marie it is...

sorry if this is a spoiler for anyone. I don't think the name will give much away to be honest, but I will keep any progress photos to the journal.

To start with, I will use shoes I used for Arte. That's a good start for me as I always panic over shoes.

Next job, find a WIG that will arrive in time...

EDIT: ohhhhhhhh maybe this wig: [took off link]

I'm not sure if it's too light grey. And there's no parting, but I could make one.

EDIT: the wig's are either silvery, dark dark grey or light light grey...
[took off link]

Which do I go for???????? that is the big question..

EDIT: 13 April - With advice and knownledge of my good pal; I have ordered a wig that should arrive without 2 weeks - YAYs. fingers crossed it's as nice as it looks.

I also have some white over the knee socks I can use. Not sure how I forgot about them. And I have started the two hairpeice skulls. I am making them the same way as I made Monica's (i luv halloween 3) skulls belt. just bigger hehe.

16th February 2012


SORT OF SPOILER - I use character names

ok, always get your information staight. So, after talking with my partner I'm more confused abotu the characters. In one place it says Squiggly and Umberella weren't deffinates and won't be developed then on other sites it says it as if they just won't be in the main release. I'm kinda thinking I want to cosplay her anyways because she is such a cool design. I guess she is a bit different to the other characters but then again she's less different than Peacock for instance.

AGHHHHHHHHH Now I'm all meh... I don't know what to do now,I was all excited.

14th February 2012

unsure on characters..

.. but i'm thinking squigly.. i'm looking into what I need XD - I doubt I'll start until the game is out, as I want to make sure there's not another character that's more my height and stuff on the DLC or ones that aren't confirmed.