Oscar Francois de Jarjayes (Red Uniform) - Rose of Versailles



I think I had a short circuit and mass costume purge a while back and deleted my original entry for this.


Oscar is one of my heroes! Surely there are few ladies in manga/anime who are as awesome as her~ This cosplay suits me in the sense that I won't be crossplaying (makes a change!) but it isn't entirely feminine. If you ignore the hair and the eyeslashes of doom. As I've said before, I feel like a total fraud when cosplaying as pretty/cute girl characters.

It would say I'd wear this at a ball at a con, but that's a big lie as I never attend the balls. I would go if I wanted to dance to ballads by myself. XDD

birds-hate-flying posted on 12 February, 2012 - 21:00
That's a respectable amount of bling right there. (Even the eyes have sparkles!) And you can rock pale hair colours so, yah, very interested to see how this turns out.

sarmander posted on 13 February, 2012 - 00:32
EPIC YES! *___* So much shojo-ness~

TheGyroCaptain posted on 3 March, 2012 - 19:07
Yes go for it ! Nice to see people have taste in comics :D

Natsumi posted on 6 March, 2012 - 00:32
Gushgushgush. <3 I seriously can't wait for you to do this. * u * If I had the skill/could do it justice I'd totally attempt Marie...or ijustdontknow XD;;;;

Ino posted on 6 March, 2012 - 22:08
@ Natsumi : You'll find a way. ^^ (BWAA HAA HAA)

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