Shura Kirigakure (Buttoned Jacket) - Ao no Exorcist [Blue Exorcist]




So I finally got around to watching Ao no Exorcist, back-to-back episodes to completion, and loved it.

Kind of a cross between D.Gray-man and Soul Eater, IMO. A great combination.

...And I really want to cosplay from it, and Shura...well her hair's just too FANTASTIC not to do! :)

As for the 'Buttoned Jacket' version... she never wears that jacket buttoned but there's no way anyone is seeing my stomach! XP


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16th February 2012


Found as close to the perfect jacket as I think I can get on ebay!
Unlined for the warmer climate of inside cons and long fitting for the right look.
Even has the right colour buttons and the shoulder detail.
Plus it arrived quickly and it was a steal! ;)