Usagi Tsukino
Sailor Moon

Cosplayer: blackorcid

Variant: Summer school uniform (season 1)

Status: Planned

Condition: Not Set

This costume has not been worn at any events yet.

11th February 2012: finished 2nd broach So i've finished painting the detail on my 2nd broach. i just have to get a red bow for my shirt now and i can attach it :D
i'm kinda proud of this, i'm generally bad at making props and things like this so i'm pretty pleased LOL

11th February 2012: broach #2 Ok, so seeing as i wasn't very happy with the first broach and i wnted the cresent wand i went and made another broach.
i'm quite pleased with this one.
here it is before i finished the paint work.

11th February 2012: Broach #1 Ok' i made a broach and liked it at first but then not only was i not happy with it but realised i wouldn't be able to use the cresnt wand i like so much if i did as i don't think it was the right broach.
looks like i'll be starting again and making another but for now heres the one i made

11th February 2012: Where to start. Well i think i've wanted to do a cosplay of this ever since I first watch sailor moon when I was about 11. I've wanted to cosplay usagi since before i even knew what cosplay was LOL
I figured i'd start with something simple and work my way up. I already have the school uniform so for now i'll use that. it will be replaced by a made one at some point but for now i'll go with this.
i need to get a red bow either brought or made not sure which yet.
and i need to aquire her long blonde hair as mine isn't quite that long yet >_<;;