snow white - Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs





.The bodice is done from royal blue velvet. The sleeves are made from the best high quality bridal satin! The sleeves on this dress are the showstopper. They are done in sparkle blue matte satin  with inserts of red for Snow White's signature sleeves. Additional lining is added inside to assure a stunning beautiful shape! The bodice is accented with a beautiful blue cording.
The white satin brocade stand-up collar is removable using multiple flat snaps under the edge of the neckline. (Velcro could eventually snag and ruin this beautiful costume). The skirt is made from a buttery yellow matte satin. This costume is created with the bodice and skirt separate. The bodice and skirt are both fully lined to add to the comfort and quality.

The headband is covered in the red satin to match the sleeves and accented with crystals.

The cape is made from a dark red rayon velvet and fully lined with the red satin to match the headband and sleeve inserts.  It is made longer than our traditional version of Snow White.   The clasp on the cape is easily attached with snaps and hidden hook loops on the bodice to hold it securely in place.

This dress is pictured with a 3 hoop-petticoat

The costume is from never bug creations
The wig is from sirens grotto


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