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I decided to make John Egbert from Homestuck as one of my cosplays for the MCM Expo in London because most of my cosplays are usually serious characters and I felt I needed a change! I love John's open and bouncy personality, so I decided to give his God Tier form a go!!!

The shirt was a simple print job, and the shoes I painted myself using yellow and blue acrylics. The wig was bought from CosplayWigStore on e-bay and was actually an Izaya wig that I styled into John's. The glasses were bought using my prescription from Specsavers. I still use them for driving. XD

Trousers were stretch pants from New Look.

The hood was sewn together out of blue fleece material, along with the small cape and the part around the neck. A friend fitted it, shaped it, and cut it out before sewing it. I chose fleece because it really blows in the wind and looked awesome on some photos!!!!!


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