Flit Asuno (Wig + Goatee Commission) - Gundam Age




This is a wig comission for a friend, that may also include a beard and moustache aswell, Looking forward to doing it, will give me a break from my own ^_^ and it is gundam afterall i cant say no!


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Progress Journal

1st May 2012

I has wigus!

I have the wig in my hands, and plan to start on it tomorrow =D Im too excited and want to do it now though D= but stuff is stopping me so i shall work on it when im wide awake but heres a pic of the wig from the site he got it from and shizzle so you guys can se what im working from ^_^

28th April 2012

It all starts here!

I get The wig on Tuesday, really looking forward to this, hopefully will not only be doing the wig but using what i cut off for the tash and goatee =D Ive read a lot of tutorials just to make sure what im going to do will work, and cannot wait to get started!