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A friend of mine introduced me to Touhou and told me, that I look already like Kaguya Houraisan without any make-up on *cough* (xD)
I got interested immediately in it and so I decided to cosplay her.
After a few weeks I already got a lot of information about the game and the characters and Kaguya still is one of my favourite one's.

[I L.O.V.E her theme song]


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Progress Journal

29th February 2012

Paint the sleeve!

I've already cut out all the different parts for the top and right now I'm working on my two sleeves.

I used some fabric paint in 'Gold mettalic' and it works quite well, I'm satisfied with the results ^^

One sleeve is already finished, yesterday I started painting the second sleeve under the observation of my cat. She was attracted by the golden shimmer of the paint and started playing with the sleeve, while watching how I move the brush xD"

I'm really slow in colouring things so I've already spent more or less...3 hours? o.O"