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Progress Journal

3rd April 2012

Wig's more or less done...

Needs some more trimming and coloured chunks put in, but more or less there :D

31st March 2012

Wig progress

It's going to be a pretty big wig!

28th March 2012


Sponged on the base coat of the unitard. It looks a bit crap, but it's going to be hatched over heavily so it'll look fine in the end :D

26th March 2012

Bought lycra and organdi

Bought silver lycra and a load of coloured organdi :D

So many colours!

16th February 2012

Make Up Test

First proper make up test :D

The eyes need some tweaking, and I need to put more black around the hairline but overall I'm pretty happy with it.

16th February 2012


Finished armwarmers!

Knitted on 7mm Double Pointed Needles, with 3 strands of yarn; one a generic DK, one strand of Kind Cole Glaxay and a strand of eyelash yearn. I've also tied in a multicoloured yarn in places.

They're extra long so they took a while, and I'm dreading starting on the legwarmers which have to even longer D: