Rey Za Burrel (ZAFT uniform) - Gundam Seed Destiny





I haven't seen much of the series yet but he seems pretty cool so far. Lets hope I like him as much as I think I will.....because he is the answer to my ZAFT uniform dilema!

I fell in love with the red ZAFT uniforms in Seed but didn't think I would suit any of the characters who actually wore them. I would have prefered to be a girl but I don't think I would suit Lunamaria either. So the crossplay trend continues. Rey is pretty feminine looking though and I can be pretty sure the blonde hair will suit me. I love his hair <3

Hopefully will get to join LimeGreenJelly when she does Lunamaria. Then we can be pilots together :D

*EDIT* Finished watching the series. Rey really did turn out to be my absolute favourite character. Thinking I may end up buying the costume as I have so much else to do but we will see ^_^


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