Feferi Peixes (Pre game) - Homestuck

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Started; Febuary
To be finished by; April
Event; Dee-Con

For the fabric aspect of the costume, I'm keeping it as simple as I possibly can. I bought a black vest top, (£2.99 from Ebay) and used a reverse stencil of the Pices sign. I then painted it onto the vest top with fabric paint.
For the skirt, I'm going to get a length of 1m x 1m light blue cotton, and then 1m x 1m of it in light lime. I'm thinking about just making a skirt, and then making the tails and attaching them on the inside of the skirt. After that, I'll make the pink border along the skirt.
The shoes will probably just be pink pumps.
I'm going as cheap as I can with this. For Feferi's crown, I'm using a sheet of A4 neoprene craft foam, painting it gold and attaching it to the head band that the horns will be on. I'm not sure how I'm going to make the jewels yet, I'll update when I've decided.
for the anklets and bracelets, I might use craft foam again, but I'm not sure.
The goggles will probably be bought on ebay.
The wig is a little more complicated than usual, as most wigs have bangs, and Feferi just has a hairline.
I'm thinking of just giving her a middle parting, or using this tutorial; http://classewig.com/wig/blog/?p=500 to make her hairline. I think i might use the middle parting though, as it's easier to cover up the head band.
Gills and Horns;
The horns are surprisingly the easy part of this. I decided to try my hand at Crayola Model Magic this time around, as Feferi has fairly small horns. I used craft wire as a base to be safe (but I don't really think I needed it), and build the horn up from there. I then dried them, painted them and I'm going to use a glue gun to stick them down once I've finished the crown.
For the gills, I think I'm using latex or painted plastic leaves. I'm not sure yet, but I know I don't want them straight on my ears. My ears are small I'd like to not draw attention to that. :'3
I have no clue yet. I'll probably just save up for Ben Nye and a finishing spray.


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