Alice Cullen (Bridesmaids Dress) - Twilight Saga Breaking Dawn

In Progress




Defying my own expectations, this costume is well underway!
The method I have used:

-I got a dress from ebay for about £5. It's pretty much exactly the right shape! The only problem is, it's too much of a light purple/pink, when it's meant to be lilac.
-I hemmed the dress. The dress was too long, nearly down to my ankles, when the dress is meant to just above the knee.
-The real dress has line after line of beading. This was going to be an issue, but a friend has already made the dress, and she painted on the lines with silver fabric paint!
-I lined the needed sections with ribbon.

What I need to do:
-Paint the whole of the back of the dress. I've only done the front so far!
-Decorate the bottom with feathers. Preferably ostrich feathers but it depends on what I can get.

Right now it's on display in my art exhibition!


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