Princess Zelda - Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess

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This is my first attempt at cosplay, and it's not exactly finished yet as I ran out of time before Hallowe'en.

Princess Zelda is my favourite video game Princess. I adore the new look they have given her in Twilight Princess and so wanted to dress like that for Hallowe'en!


Hayweetron posted on 4 November, 2008 - 19:43
OMG it's you! (was the very drunk Navi at Dungeon) I don't know if I told you but I love this costume!

Hayweetron posted on 9 November, 2008 - 10:53
Thank you :) I go to Portsmouth Uni even though I live in Southampton, they have an anime society there but I was too scared to join it too! I can't wait for the London expo :D

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Progress Journal

4th November 2008


I have not made everything from scratch as I lack the know-how. The dress and gloves were from ebay, probably second-hand wedding apparel! I have added my own touch to these two items by applying gold tracery to the hem of the dress and the gloves but the poor picture doesn't show that up!

The purple waistcoat - for want of a better term - was entirely hand made. Literally because my sewing machine packed up. I spent the majority of my time on this - making it out of paper first then out of the purple fabric. The eyelets at the back were another hurdle as I don't have an eyelet machine-y thing, so used a hammer and probably distressed the flat below me in the process.

The wig was another ebay purchase, and is very soft and silky despite the picture because I have been dancing in it at this point!

The armour was another time consuming part of the costume. I cut everything in paper first, before transferring it onto foam and cutting it out. I found this difficult with the craft knife I was using, and desperately need to either get a bigger knife or smaller foam!

I used a pair of white court shoes and white tights underneath which are just my own floating about, as I couldn't really find a picture of her shoes. I found a toy ocarina that someone had given me as a stocking filler one year so I wore that as well because it looked cute!