Power Girl - DC Comics

In Progress




This is probably my most revealing cosplay I've done. She's an insperational character to me, so I really wanted to cosplay her. :D

I've procrastinated a lot on this cosplay, mostly because I ususally buy all my cosyumes cause I'm terriable as sewing. xD

I just did'nt wanna mess her up. >w<

She's definatly not perfect, and there's still some things I need to fix and add, but so far I'm really proud of my first official cosplay I've done myself. :)


Ranma1-2 posted on 2 February, 2012 - 13:39
Wow! Dont worry, you are doing Power Girl proud. You look great. :)

Fables posted on 2 February, 2012 - 14:37
Oh wow I love it! :D

Captain_Marvelous posted on 2 February, 2012 - 14:56
A fellow DC cosplayer! my superman would be proud to get pics with you, you look great!

timpey posted on 2 February, 2012 - 19:22
nah, that looks like an amazing job well done, really well made ^^ im so glad to see more dc cosplayers on here, looks brillant u should be proud

PaperTiger posted on 5 March, 2012 - 08:40
hay, sorry to spam and I dunno if you're planning on doing this costume (which is epic btw!!!) to May expo but there's a Batman/DC meet up on Saturday and it'd be awesome if you could come?? http://www.cosplayisland.co.uk/forum?c=showthread&ThreadID=7143 if you know anyone else that might be going that'd be interested please direct them to the forum post. Thanks!