Taylor McKessie - High School Musical 3




I didn't actually have to buy anything for this cosplay. My prom dress was actually this very dress because I have a very patient mum who is an amazing seamstress :P Though I didn't have the check bit on the dress for my prom so Cat ended up sewing it on in time for Kitacon.

The hairband was reused from my prom and Cat leant me her short black wig as well. I managed to track down my purple clutch literally the day before I left for Kitacon as well :P Lucky.

I was originally going to buy some purple heels, but I unfortunately ran out of money so I ended up using my Irregular Choice purple Miaow heels. I needed an excuse to wear them anyway so I was happy enough XD

Only problem was that me and Cat totally forgot to get any photos lmao. Hopefully one day we will rewear these and actually remember to get some photos next time!


FlyingMammal posted on 1 February, 2012 - 22:31
that's cool though :) i look forward to piccys

KiraraYumi posted on 3 February, 2012 - 19:48
Fellow HSM nerd! Yes! 8D I love Taylor's dress, can't wait to see this! =D

Yasmia posted on 17 April, 2012 - 22:54
I saw you briefly wearing this over the weekend and you looked wonderful!

cheerDaniel17 posted on 21 August, 2015 - 12:06
It's nice to see someone doing Taylor but it'd be nice to see pictures of you in character as none are posted.

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