Odin Sphere

Cosplayer: Eevee

Status: Complete

Condition: Not Set

Showcased 12th March 2018

Kitacon 2014

Speckles avatar

Speckles - 1st February 2012
Ahhh our group is going to be BAWSE!

Leolarua avatar

Leolarua - 1st February 2012
i look forward to seeing this, i should be joining the group as Oswald :D

JustPeachy avatar

JustPeachy - 2nd February 2012
She's so cute!! Giant crossbow ftw!!

Eevee avatar

Eevee - 2nd February 2012
I will have much fun lugging it around all day! Can't wait to do this group! XD

Pandora-Chi avatar

Pandora-Chi - 18th November 2013
Saw this at expo and I thought you looked amazing as Mercedes!! loved the cross bow!! <3

Neverforever avatar

Neverforever - 18th November 2013
This is so pretty~ ^^

Ranma1-2 avatar

Ranma1-2 - 18th November 2013
Super cosplay! You really nailed the look. Esp love those wings. :)

Fizzykat avatar

Fizzykat - 4th December 2013
beautiful work! you look so cute!

TheStarlightFairy avatar

TheStarlightFairy - 13th March 2018
So so cute <3