Itachi Uchiha (ANBU!) - Naruto [Yes, another one]


Kitacon 2009




Bought from QQCosplay, I had to adjust one or two things on it. Firstly, the knee high sandels wouldn't fit (damn my chubby calf muscles!) so I used the normal sandals I had bought from them. The trousers I was uncomfortable with (they were like school trousers, and the button hole was too small for the button LOL) so I used leggings, which in turn meant the black undershirt wouldn't be tucked in and would resemble a skirt ^^;;
Had trouble with the gloves too. I wanted fingerless ones and tried to make my own but screwed up, then LuluRose attempted to make some for me but my badluck caused her sewing machine to eat them ^^; so she suggested using normal gloves and some shirt sleeves, leaving me thinking "where to get? and would it look good?"
Luckily my Orochimaru costume has sleeves that're seperate so I managed to use them with the gloves I had for my Tobi cosplay XD sadly one sleeve has a hole in it (how the hell did that happen?) I have personalised it by wearing some red and black striped gloves that I had found on Norwich market, so I have something to wear if I don't want the sleeves/gloves/arm guards. They make me itch after a while tho.
I tried to make my own armguards but I felt I had messed up on them and didn't feel like doing more sewing so I ended up using the ones that came with the costume anyway.

Rose helped me by sewing the collar of the undershirt so it wouldn't be too loose like it was and it fits fine now XD <3 to her!
I want to adjust the white armour thing since there's velcro on the shoulder straps for adjusting and I keep getting caught on them.

I bought some pashmina scarfs to use with it, the bright red and the burgendy ones look good with it and they're long enough to be tied around my waist when they get too hot to wear :3 I just need a better toy sword and mask XD
The wig's I wore for it are my normal Itachi one and my girl Itachi one (which I like more. It's not meant to be in a plait but I like it that way XD)

At Kitacon, I chose to fill in a form for a photoshoot and found out later that the photo's will be used for a cosplay book called Cosplay Fever, so keep an eye out for it ok XD Sadly I had to hurry and get changed back into this costume since the photographer might not've stayed for long so I didn't have time to put in my contacts ^^;;


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