The Witch - Left 4 Dead




Spur of the moment cosplay, very cheap to do and very enjoyable.

Wig is the only part that cost any money, very good quality, I didn't have the heart to get it dirty for the part, but will correct this next time I use this cosplay.

Was torn between wearing white out contacts and red, but I like the red best, think it looks scarier.

Cheap white shorts and old top, and I cheated and used some appropriately coloured footless tights for the legs since my entire upper body needed to be painted. I tried to disguise the fact I was wearing tights with black tape to blend into my feet, but the tape kept coming off. Note: when using again, use stronger tape.

The makeup was so much fun to do cause it was messy and uncoordinated unlike my other two makeup-heavy cosplays. I definitely want to redo this again but much better, cause it was a lot of fun, even if the makeup takes forever. Want to add fangs.

And the fingers are cheap halloween witch fingers combined with party blower tubes and black tape. I've since remade them longer with the witch fingers and cardboard tubes for a better fit.

Also bullied my boyfriend into cosplaying a Hunter :) Loved doing his makeup!


Numta posted on 31 January, 2012 - 14:17
Amazing Witch cosplay ^_^

nert posted on 31 January, 2012 - 18:32
Aha! I recognise that costume XD I got a rather creepy 3D shot of the both of you, in case you haven't come across it yet :)

Mungojerrie posted on 1 February, 2012 - 12:02
Looks fantastic!

MocoCocoZombie posted on 3 February, 2012 - 22:54
lovely!! :D

Misa posted on 2 March, 2012 - 01:52
wow I really love the cosplay you look so great and I love that game letf4dead good work.