Noriko (Film Version) - Battle Royale





This was for a Halloween party so it wasn't so important to be really accurate, but surprisingly I did put a lot of time and effort into this.

I bought a one pound white skirt from primark to go underneath a polycotton beige pleated skirt on top. I had to shorten the white skirt because it was too long and then I added the lacy bit around the edge which is the cheapest in Fine Fabrics :D I had to sew the skirt by hand in the end because my sewing machine wouldnt work grrr.

The shirt is just an old school shirt which I tore up and applied fake blood to. The blood is theatre blood i found in a drawer and turned out really pink on the clothes. Where it is applied more it is darker so maybe if I added more layers of the blood it would look better. The bandage is just he offcuts of the skirt.

For the collar I didnt have much time so I just took a hair band covered in foil and sellotaped it round my neck. Cheap, I know.

I didnt find a red tie in time but i will try and find one for a more accurate photo one day.


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